Peplum Up

H&M: Skirt. Kohl’s: Top. Shade: Kohl’s. Forever21: Tights. Shoes: Nine West. Bestie Johnson: Watch.  Forever21: Purse. Bowtie on Shoes.

Salut! I want to start by saying thank you to all of  you guys;  for your lovely comments,  and your constant support. I know I am not the best blogger out there; I really want to thank those of you who take a minute out of your time to visit my blog and comment on my post.  This current post outfit I wore to church, I choose a peplum top with an H&M skirt; I love Peplum tops the sky is the limit on how one can style these type of shirts, you can wear them from shorts to skirts. Peplums top makes any outfit looks girly, fun and add a little bit of edgy. Moreover, I don’t know for you guys but currently I am tired of wearing blazers constantly, to go to church. I am drained of seeing blazers as the last piece to finish an outfit. What I feel about fashion is that you take risk, sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t; it’s ok because you are only human. I believe blazers shouldn’t be that powerful, there’s more into styling than just adding a blazer to finish an outfit., put the fun in fashion don’t stick to the same  old style.
Xox Mez


A Day At The Beah

Kohl’s: Top. Charmin Charlie: Bracelet. Ross: Bag. Kohl’s: Sunglasses. Urban Outfitters: Shorts. H&M: Sandals. H&M: Hat. Beach Towel. Bikkini-Top: Target. Bikkini-bottom: Target.

Salut! I want to start by announcing my one year blog-aversary. I want to thank you guys for your constant support,  your wonderful comments and for taking a minute out of your time to visit my blog  doing the year. (lots of thanks kisses)!! The story behind the post, since I live in W.P.B which indicates, that I am surrounded by beautiful beaches.  Most Importantly, I don’t really have time to go enjoy a day at the beach, so one day,  on my day off  instead of  run arons, me and my family decided to head to the beach. I opted, for a distressed short pair of jean with a stripe-less bikini top instead of matching the bikini; I wore a black bottom and finished the look with a sample plain white shirt. Once in a while try different beach outfits don’t stick to the original try to keep your beach style fun and exciting. xox Mez!!!


Red White & Bleu

Abercrombie & Fitch: Sweat Shirt. Charming Charlie: Purse. DD's: Shirt. Micheal Kors: Watch. Charming Charlie: Bracelet. Victoria Secret: Flats. DD's: Pants. Khol's: Sunglasses.

Salut! Even though my outfit looks like it was inspired by the American flag, it was a complete coincidence. I was actually in a rush to go to the hospital with my sister-in-law who is pregnant, so I opted for this little red, white and blue number since they were the first things that I could grab... No matter how hard I try, I can never get enough of red, white and blue I guess it's the American in me :)
I wish you guys the best and Happy 4th of July. Xox Mez.