Red White & Bleu

Abercrombie & Fitch: Sweat Shirt. Charming Charlie: Purse. DD's: Shirt. Micheal Kors: Watch. Charming Charlie: Bracelet. Victoria Secret: Flats. DD's: Pants. Khol's: Sunglasses.

Salut! Even though my outfit looks like it was inspired by the American flag, it was a complete coincidence. I was actually in a rush to go to the hospital with my sister-in-law who is pregnant, so I opted for this little red, white and blue number since they were the first things that I could grab... No matter how hard I try, I can never get enough of red, white and blue I guess it's the American in me :)
I wish you guys the best and Happy 4th of July. Xox Mez.


Viola said...

You look great!! Love the colors!


Mezanise Louis said...

Thank you Viola!!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous, dear! I dont know why but with this look you seem like Victoria Beckam :) Love it! xoxo



Mezanise Louis said...

Thanks for the lovely comment!!

Danny said...

So cool and elegant! love this color combo!

Foldable Flats by After Flats said...

You are beautiful in that outfit.

Lucíanonstop said...

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