In With The Old

Ross: Gray Sweater. A&F: Pink Shirt. DD’s: Royal Bleu Shorts. Target: Camel Purse. DD’s:Red Flats. Urban- Outfitters: Sunglassses.  Micheal Kors: Watch.
Salut! Sorry for the lack of post my darlings,  let me inform you guys about this post,  which is entirely made of old and new clothes, to begin with the A&F pink shirt I actually have since I was 17 years old I am now 22;  which indicate that this shirt is very old. I got the purse for almost 2 years ago, the rest of the pieces are couple months old. I actually put this outfit together to go to school; I feel it would help me be comfortable, when going from class to class. Putting thought into what you going to do for an entire day can help you put together an outfit that would make your day go a little smooth than you might anticipated, one thing I realize what you wear can affect how you normally function.
kisses Xox Mez




Sola ante el espejo said...

Cute look! Kisses.

Mezanise Louis said...

Thank you so much!!!! xox

Francy Stef said...

Love your shorts!!!

Mezanise Louis said...

Thank you for visiting my page xox

Admirably Pretty said...

You totally rock those shorts!

XO, Imke

Mezanise Louis said...

Thank you much xox

Mezanise Louis said...

You guys rock thanks for busting my little blog

Marija.R.P. said...

Hi, thank you for your sweet comments!:)
This shorts is lovely,
and you have great legs!:)
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Laxmi Gurung said...

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Oliva Ins said...

Love the look wish I can wear shorts now , lol. It's raining and freezing in the Uk :)
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Olga Zgonnik said...

love your otfit, the blue shorts look amazing! and the red shoes are great as well :)


Olga Zgonnik said...

oh and newest follower on GFC :)

hope you can follow me back as well


Aney Mei said...

Very cute lace cobalt shorts!