Petit Scarf

Nordstrom: Sunglasses. A&F: Scarf. Court: Navy Shirts. Belt came with a dress.  A&F: White Short. Anne Klein: Watch. Steve madden: Flat.
Salut! Today, post I want to share with you guys the thought behind the outfit; the temperature in Florida is increasing by the minute. However, I Opted this look to diminished the hot weather, in order for me to feel the breeze. I put together a nice little short, a sheer top and a summer scarf. Scarves can be a great acessories to an outfit down the cold season or hot seanson, thropoughing a scarf on a sheer, or a simple tank top can transform your outfit from simply dull to simply chic.
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Adriana said...

Cute outfit love your scarf.

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A Step In Fashion said...

I really like your outfit :) Your bag is so pretty !


Cátia - A Super Fashion Girl said...

I really like your hair!

Great look sweetie!


AbbieJames said...

I really like that outfit, the bag is lovely :) X

Allison said...

Lovely- love the white shorts! And thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! Yes, of course I would like to follow each other!! I'm starting now and look forward to you following back!
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Cute outfit!


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niceeeee outfittt

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