Bold Colors

Express: Black Blazer. Urban Outfitters: Mustard Shirt.  Red Pants. Guess: Shoes. Ross: Nude purse.  Anne Klein: watch Gift.  Hand made bracelet.  Forever21: Sunglasses.
This is my very first fashion post; a close friend of mine introduced me to this fashion blogging. I study Blog Spot for over 2 months and also trying to understand the aspect of having a blog. Not only, did I found it very interesting; however, it required a lot of diligent work and effort. I conclude my research with finding a name for my new blog;  which I discover from having a love for a awesome closet full with  fabulous clothes that can turn into fantastic inspiration of fashion, and along with basic details such as how to pose, styling etc. In addition, with have a love for clothes I found this blogging idea to be a blissful journey. So, stick with me throughout new posts  new, I will share with you the thought and inspiration behind the post.
Kisses Xox Mez


Pao said...

Im following you now, lovely outfit :)
Follow back at HippieChicPao

Matter Of Style said...

really nice outfit! Strong colors well paired together!
Thanks for stopping b my page and for your nice comment! :D

A Step In Fashion said...

what happened to your last blog my beauty ?

A Step In Fashion said...

I'am following you again :)

Mezanise Louis said...

Thank you do much means a lot for you dolls to visite and comment on my new blog.

Mezanise Louis said...

My last blog idk I made a lot of mistake I know what to do now.. And thank you for visiting I'm very thankfully..;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Love that Outfit!

Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know :)


Holly Scrivener said...

Hi! I really love your blog, especially this post - the red looks stunning! I've just started a new travel blog and would love it if you would want to follow each other?



Mezanise Louis said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments gladly appreciate..xoxo
I make sure I follow every single person who follows me back thank you..

SW said...

Great style! Love your hair xx


Mezanise Louis said...

Thank you*_*